World trip & Tourism Council

the realm trip & Tourism Council (WTTC) is the forum for company leaders in the shuttle and tourism industry to promote sustainable increase for the trade. The WTTC incorporates chief executives of some 100 of the world's leading go back and forth and tourism companies, who deliver specialized skills to e-book govt policy and choice-making.

WTTC works to raise recognition of go back and forth and tourism as some of the world's largest industries and as an economic generator of prosperity, supporting 255 million jobs and producing 9 % of global GDP.

WTTC advocates partnership between the public and personal sectors, delivering outcomes that suit the needs of economies, local and regional authorities and local communities with these of business in keeping with: governments recognizing go back and forth and tourism as a correct priority; company balancing economics with people, subculture and ambiance; and a shared pursuit of lengthy-time period increase and prosperity.


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