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"Widows" stars Michelle Rodriguez, Viola Davis, Elizabeth Debicki and Cynthia Erivo focus on how the Steve McQueen-directed heist thriller allowed them to defy Hollywood's expectations of female actors: "every now and then you get a role that lets you slay certain dragons to your own existence."

Hollywood knows Viola Davis as a fierce drive to be reckoned with. only 1 Grammy shy of the EGOT and positioned to ranking extra awards consideration for her turn in Steve McQueen's Nov. 16 heist thriller "Widows," she's probably the most business's most commanding stars.

however, Davis revealed at the L.A. times studio at the Toronto foreign film festival, making the function her personal intended peeling returned layers of durability to find "a degree of femininity and vulnerability" that Hollywood has no longer traditionally seen in her. 

"I don't get to play roles in videos the place i'm rolling around in mattre ss with Liam Neeson," Davis talked about with amusing within the instances studio, flanked through her "Widows" costars Elizabeth Debicki, Cynthia Erivo and Michelle Rodriguez.

All 4 praised the McQueen film, co-scripted by using the director with novelist and screenwriter Gillian Flynn ("long gone lady"), for granting them the rare possibility to step out of the boxes the trade could otherwise hold them in.

"from time to time you get a task that helps you to slay definite dragons on your own lifestyles, simply definite boundaries, and this became a kind of roles for me," Davis spoke of. "It simply was a transformative function, a role for me to head to another level of vulnerability."

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