They give up their jobs so they may commute around the world for a 12 months

regardless of the country Kelly Cueto and Max Blumenthal trip to, they get the same question: how are you capable of do this? Sherman Williams/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

It's crucial to us to journey local foods, traditions and language whereas traveling. fortunately for us, South Africa has an international-classification wine route not far from Cape city.(picture: pictures courtesy Kelly Cueto and Max Blumentha)

It begun out as a shaggy dog story. 

After a protracted day at work, Kelly Cueto could have advised to her boyfriend quitting their jobs to travel. Or Max Blumenthal would say it earlier than returning to the workplace Monday morning after a long weekend. 

at the conclusion of remaining year, the couple complete up their remaining days working in industrial actual property in San Diego. They bought a few of their assets, put the relaxation in storage and moved out of their residence. As of Jan. 6, as they put it, the couple has been unemployed, homeless and happier than ever.

"It's no longer like we hated our jobs at all," Cueto talked about. "We hated the things that came along with working in those careers."

both working in San Diego's industrial real property market, the couple put in lengthy hours on the workplace and couldn't step away from their cellphones. 

Cueto, 28, and Blumenthal, 34, are actually more than midway through a yearlong, global travel. 

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It started with a road shuttle from California through Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa and ending at Blumenthal's parents' house in Bayside, Wisconsin, the place they ditched the vehicle.

The international leg begun in February with every carrying a rolling suitcase that converts into a backpack. on account that then, Cueto and Blumenthal have crisscrossed India, climbed mountains in South Africa, island-hopped via Indonesia, walked the high-quality Wall of China, considered the cherry blossoms in Japan and biked via farm fields in Vietnam. 

In August, they stopped again in the U.S. for time with family and chums in California and Wisconsin. The subsequent cease: Prague. 

inspite of the country they may be in, Cueto and Blumenthal get the identical question: How are you able to do that?

1. They stopped considering it become the conclusion of their careers

Cueto and Blumenthal observed taking a long shuttle like this one for three years before purchasing plane tickets and placing in their resignations at work. The scariest a part of spending a yr touring become no longer the go back and forth but what occurs after, they talked about.

Blumenthal wondered what future employers would feel about a niche in his resume. "Will they are saying, 'he's a screw-up, so it is why he simply ran away for a year?'" 

"We needed to get previous it in our heads," Cueto talked about. 

They haven't decided when they will have a everlasting tackle once more, and it doesn't bother them anymore. 

"The greater that we trip, the extra those fears we pretty much ignore them," Cueto said. "It's now not like anything has changed. We still don't know what's going to happen after we come returned, however we've gained confidence while touring."


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last SlideNext Slide 2. They based a price range

Cueto is the cash-mindful half of the connection. She scoured shuttle blogs to get a hold of a workable determine for how a good deal a yearlong trip would probably cost.

Her estimate changed into under $forty,000. but that become an aggressive budget.

"this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance," Blumenthal stated. "We desired to savor a couple things, too." 

They settled on a $50,000 finances to cowl lodging, meals, shuttle, coverage and other needs for the year. Cueto and Blumenthal are taking from their discount rates, at first meant for a marriage and purchasing a home, to pay for the travel. on the way to all come later. They also saved specifically for the commute with the aid of making lifestyle changes, like avoiding ingesting out, earlier than leaving. 

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three. They stretch every dollar

When Cueto and Blumenthal choose a vacation spot and start trip alternatives, they use Google Flights. They search flights for their subsequent destination and spot where usual stops are made. for their flight to New Delhi, a standard stopover changed into in Shanghai.

"So then we delivery taking part in around with dates so as an alternative of reserving a straight flight, we do a multi-city stop," Cueto mentioned. "So we search O'Hare to Shanghai after which Shanghai to New Delhi and play round until we get near the equal fee."

The couple has paid for very nearly all of the 17 flights taken on the trip up to now with bank card features. Blumenthal picked a go back and forth reward card from Chase financial institution, Chase Sapphire Reserve. At their departure, the couple had accrued more than seven-hundred,000 aspects.

the card, which has a $450 annual price, comes with a $300 annual commute credit. trip purchases like airfare and eating earn thrice the features as different purchases. the cardboard changed into named the most suitable trip credit card in 2017 by way of cash journal. 

4. They stick to that funds

Cueto has calculated about how plenty to spend on lodging, food and exploration in each and every vacation spot.

She maintains track of their spending by using making a notice in her phone anytime they make a purchase to know where their funds goes. Small purchases similar to meals, espresso and alcohol are the largest budget killers, she observed.

Staying inside their budget on lodging is the effortless part. 

"That's one time that you just're making a decision," she stated. "if you live in price range on that that's easy. That's completed. It's consuming out that's so effortless to move over price range. For us, so often food is more expensive than lodging." 

5. They go back and forth slowly

The couple tries to spend a major period of time in each region. They spent an entire month in Cape town. From their Airbnb, they tried to stroll as lots as feasible to see the city, not simply the locations. 

"vehicles, Ubers, trains and planes can kill a budget," she spoke of. "So stay native. truly discover one or two areas should you go someplace instead of are trying to peer every little thing the place you're going. You leave out plenty too. You see so lots extra running."

Cueto and Blumenthal chronicle their event, together with shuttle tips and finances counsel, on a blog at and on Instagram @the.avontuur. 

Sarah Hauer can be reached at or on Instagram @HauerSarah and Twitter @SarahHauer.

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