How a great deal will every team commute with new time table?

C.J. McCollum, Damian Lillard are posing for a picture © linked Press

It's one of the crucial little-mentioned aspects of a time table: travel miles.

The NBA has labored to reduce the overall quantity in recent years, and as a minimum there is more rest constructed into all these miles, however it's nonetheless loads of shuttle. a lot.

Who has essentially the most? It's all the time the teams on the greater spread out West Coast. From some of the awesome, early adopter NBA stats guys Ed okayüpfer (a ought to follow on Twitter):

LeBron James is in for a bit little bit of a shock as to how a good deal trip teams out West do.

küpfer also broke out the agenda looking at domestic/street by month:

also, this is one of my favorite stat Tweets of the summer time, only for first rate measure.


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